Both Cats at Vet…Hartz Plus is Dangerous!

We recently moved to a new state and were told that our cats should have flee medication, as they were in abundance here. Both of our cats are 7 years old. I was at my local pet supply store and purchased the Hartz Plus for both of them. Sunday night, we applied it to both of their scruffs (following directions to the letter). Monday, after our vet told us that we shouldn’t use that product with children in the house, we decided to wash it off both of them. Too late…one of them had a massive burn around the application site and had lost all the hair there. The other one appeared fine, but a little tired. We hoped that washing it off would work. Today, I woke up early and discovered the one with the burn patch had gotten much worse and was twitching her ears and bobbing her head. The other one still seemed fine. I rushed the sick one to the vet and had to leave her there for treatment. This afternoon, I came upon the other one having seizures. She is now at the vet as well. I found this website and now I am just sick. I wish I would have investigated this before giving them Hartz. Our vet said that Hartz is paying the $40 I was charged for the vet to call Poision Control and the office exam! I was surprised by that. I have no idea how much this is going to cost me in the end, but I am on a mission to let everyone know that Hartz is DANGEROUS! I took photos of the burned area and plan to take them to the store where I purchased this product. I am sure it will make little difference, but I have to do something. I will keep you posted on their health once they return home. Both of these cats were healthy before this incident. I am very angry that such a product is being sold to unsuspecting consumers.
Guinness and EleEle’s owner

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