a very unique orphan may or may not die tonight

tonight, my little 8 month old kitten fights for her life in an emergency vet clinic because i used hartz brand flea drops on her. she had an almost fatal beginning to her life. i volunteered for a local rescue group and we recieved a call that a small kitten was living wild in a pile of large stones next to an apartment complex. my friend and I went on the rescue. what we found was terrible. this baby was one of three ( from what we could count) littermates. her mother was hit by a vehicle and her littermates starved. this tiny little one was literally eating her dead littermates to stay alive. she was a survivor with a tremendous will to live. she was also an orange tabby. which is rare to have an orange female. they’re usually male. this one was also a quadroped, ( has six toes) however this little one had EIGHT toes on each foot. usually we will allow their strength to recover and give the kittens the “work-up” before allowing adoption. however, i took this one home and for five weeks, woke up every three hours to give her the necessary feedings for such a tiny kitten. ( she was only 2-3 weeks old upon rescue) she has since grown to be a perfectly kind and healthy kitten and wants only to relax and be loved. we have small children in our house and she would never even think of harming them.. seems to be the perfect feline.

last night i noticed fleas on her and went to get her flea drops. I bought them, administered them by the exact directions in the package and this afternoon i found her in the midst of a severe sezure in front of my 6 yr. old. now, we have already paid $200.00 and will most likely have to pay the same amount more for the overnight stay. needless to say i’ll have to find the money to pay this bill somehow, because we had exactly $209.00 in our account before this happened. i am upset about the money, however there is a very precious kitten literally fighting for life once again because hartz refuses to take it’s products off the shelves. i am well aware that they knew about the poisonings that occured in pets from their products. why didn’t they just have a recall?? why did they keep this product on the shelves KNOWING what it does to our precious pets?? i WILL take action against this company. BBB will be called in the morning and a report filed. Hartz will be called and i will not rest until our pets are safe from their harm.

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