Hartz Flea Drops are Deadly

Last summer, I purchased Hartz Flea & Tick Drops Plus from Walmart and applied it according to directions on our three cats. Within a few hours, one cat (2 yrs old) was staggering and undergoing serious seizures. Another cat (1 yr old) had similar, but much milder symptoms.

Our vet was contacted and urged us to immediately bathe the cats to remove the flee drops. The first cat’s life was in jeopardy and she had to be admitted — the vet bill was estimated at $300 to save her life. We could not afford the treatment, so as my crying teenage daughter held her convulsing cat, we made the sad decision to have the cat put to sleep.

The vet got on the phone to Hartz and was told by the Hartz rep that the drops are safe — that this toxicity incident was most unusual. Our vet was irate as she has personally witnessed animals die from these Harts drop applications. Her persistance got her through to the Hartz doctor on staff who authorized a full reimbursement for our vet bill. So our cat was treated — and her life was saved. But in the end we lost her. There were men working nearby cutting trees as we retrieved her from the vet clinic — and the noise so frightened the cat that even in a severely weakened state, she burst from my daughter’s arms and ran across the freeway behind the clinic. A year later, she remains lost.

Our second cat experienced twitches in his eyes and unsteady walking for a several weeks following the application with the Hartz drops even though we bathed him within hours to remove the medication.

Our vet (Dr. Peggy Leishar from Sycamore Vetrinary Clinic in Joelton, TN) will gladly verify this incident. Her office has a large news article documenting a great number of toxicity indicents due to Hartz and similar flea drop products.

I emailed Walmart to notify them of the danger of this product that they stock in all their stores, but received no response. My daughter and I were absolutely devasted that our efforts to kill fleas nearly cost our cats their lives. We are upset that so many respectable stores carry this Hartz flea drop product. Our vet explained that the Hartz product enters the cat’s bloodstream and does a poor job protecting against fleas. It is difficult to understand how a company dedicated to pet care would produce and market such a cruel product.

We are now using Advantage Flea drops recommended by our vet and our cats have no adverse reaction.

Sincerely yours,
Marjorie Lewis
Pleasant View, TN

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