rather keep the fleas

i usually give my cat frontline when i see she has fleas but now living in a military base i don’t have much choice as cat products. i found hartz care flea and tick drops and decided to give it a try. the first difference i noted between frontline and this product was that frontline limits application to neck area or between shoulder blades while this one was suggesting to put it all the way in a straight line from neck to base of tail. so i did like they say.
my cat was o.k. first day but now a day afterwards she has itching and tries desperately to lick it off. so i decided to bath her like the lable instructs with mild soap and plenty of water. -didn’t work- today she is still scratching and bleeding in all the area i applied the product. i went on-line and noticed that i have an old version of their product, they changed the instructions newer version says to apply like frontline to only neck area.
i rather keep the fleas and see her scratch once in a while that seeing her scratch all day and bleeding.
-and they call this formula gentle!-

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