Our other child in a fur coat

I am absolutely LIVID! Last week we discovered our Maine Coon had fleas. My husband went to PetSmart and asked what flea product they recommended. He brought home Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick DROPS Plus+ 4 in 1 for cats 10 lbs. or less. Two hours after he applied it to our cat’s neck, she disappeared. We couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. After turning everything upside down and moving furniture, we found her behind the dresser in the bedroom wild-eyed, twitching, with her mouth wide open. Her hair was standing on end and she flew out from behind the dresser and started zipping & darting throughout the house. My husband eventually caught her and took her to the vet. I called Hartz & was asked immediately if we had applied the product in the right area on the cat. Obviously they must think calls inquiring about their product makes US appear ignorant. The woman was quite rude and told me to have the vet write Hartz a letter stating whether or not it was their product or SOME OTHER unknown irritant. She then asked me to read the package UPC & product numbers. I asked her if this was customary behavior after their product application. She told me in a very abrupt tone, “I have no idea how it is affecting your cat. I can only respond to what you are telling me about YOUR cat.” Talk about pitiful customer service! We left the cat at the vet for 24 hours observation & a bath. She was treated with Robaxin. Two days later she came home & started hiding again. She has lost weight, will not eat, runs through the room and won’t come when called as customary. Early this morning she jumped on our bed and started scratching wildly which shook the bed. I went to throw the covers off to attend to her and she hissed at me and started shaking her head. I felt something wet hit my face and jumped up to try to hold her. She ran down the hall and as my husband tuned on the lamp, he noticed bood spatters all over my gown and face. She had been tearing out her fur. We found tufts all over the carpet. We waited 3 hours for the vet to open and took her in. The vet said she did not know why the store (PetSmart) continued to sell this product. Our cat is on an IV antibiotic for 48 hours. Now, I am ready to take on Hartz, PetSmart and any other entity that continues to sell this death-by-chemical product. Would you believe some clown at PetSmart recommended the product Zodiac Multi-Purpose Home & Insect Spray, which has the same ingredients as the aforementioned Hartz product. Are they that stupid? Do they really NOT know what they are selling? Or do they just not care? I am appalled that Hartz and/or PetSmart claims no responsibility or even the slightest bit of concern over these horrific stories of what their product(s) are doing to pet lovers throughout the world. If she survives this ordeal, we will be taking her to a new cats-only facility that has just opened in our city. I called them today & they were nice enough to fax me info about the Hartz products & lawsuits. My eyes have been SO opened.

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