Another potential law suit

My neighbors found a cat and brought it to me. I put the Hartz product on the cat and within two hours the cat was experiencing grand mal seizures.

My vet bill is expected to be over $1,000.00. The cat is presently at an emergency clinic and I will have to pay double tomorrow since it is Easter.

I work for a law firm and was going to simply put this matter immediately in suit via small claims court (any matter below $3,500.00 qualifies).

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  1. I had to take my female Sheltie, Gracie, to the emergency vet hospital tonight…and just got home. I bought and applied some of that Seargent’s Silver flea & tick drops on her neck and back. At first, I thought she was choking on a pig’s ear I bought. After she threw up many times, I decided I couldn’t go to bed without getting her checked out by a vet. Anyway, so far…I am in it for $430.11 and it’s not over! She has to stay overnight for fluids and observation. I paid $10.00 for the Sargeant’s Silver flea & tick squeeze on drops. The vet said they see a LOT of “poisonings” from these OTC products. Heads up and beware!

    Flea drops = $10.00
    Emergency Vet bill = $430.11 +
    My dog’s “alive” cute little tiny face = PRICELESS!

    I notified the grocery store where I bought the Sergeant Silver drops at today…and the manager immediately removed the product from his shelves. PLEASE call the store you purchased the product from and show them the financial results (I.e., your vet bill) and expose these companies GREED!!!! It’s not worth the lives of our pets…

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