Nearly killed all 4 of my cats….

My name is Jennifer Newsome and I have four cats: Bailey (17), Shadow (9), Arjuna (4) and Moe (3). I purchased some Advantage online to try and save a little money, but it was going to take 7-10 days for it to arrive. My cats were suffering from fleas in the meantime. I just so happen to be in a pet store when I saw the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops. My first thought was at the very least it simply wont work, I mean the last thing you would ever think-or should ever think- is that this product could kill my animals. But I wanted a little something temporarily. I applied the product as instructed to all four, only putting a drop or two on my oldest. Within 12 hours all four began to show symptoms of varying degrees: shaking, ear twitching, head bobbing, paw sahking, disorientation, stumbling, and then slight convulsions. At the early stages (head shaking, ear twitching) my husband and I thought it was from the discomfort of the fleas and the medicine didn’t work. But then the more serious symptoms began and I went online to do some research. When searching for Hartz numerous hits came up, including your website…my heart sank. I immediately bathed all four and I began to realize that I may have just killed all four of my babies at once. I wish there were acurate words to describe that kind of fear, guilt, pain but they don’t exist. We decided to take one of my cats, Moe, who was having the worst symptoms to the emergency clinic that was an hour away. Of coarse they determined it was the flea product that had poisoned him and gave him fluids and valium to control the convulsions. I was sent home with 3 days worth of muscle relaxors for the rest of my kitties and we monitored them overnight. Moe and Arjuna were taken to my vet the next morning and they checked out OK….not real sure how much real damage had been done, but they are alive and I am one thankful mom. I am one of the lucky ones.
So now I am on the crusade that many of you are on and i have contacted the EPA, Hartz (who’s response was the most ridiclous part), PetSmart (as of this morning I have gotten them to take it off their shelves without Hartz permission-small victory), the Atlanta Journal, Channel 2 Action News Consumer reports (who is investigating and hopefully do a stroy on the evening news) and the lawyers to join in the class action law suit. Not to mention the flyers I have placed all over my little town.
Beyond the financial vet bills, the emotional trauma my husband and I experienced was overwhelming. The fact that they knowingly produce this poison that can and has killed is mind boggling. My conversations with them have been less than civil, and they actually had the nerve to ask me if I used it properly, at which point I said, “ASK ME THAT QUESTION AGAIN!”. Not quite the point lady…and for her to tell me it effects different cats differently pushed me over the edge….It isn’t like I had some random sampling, it nearly killed all 4 cats from one house….even if it made one cat sick that is
one too many. The ironic part is that it didn’t even work, my cats still have fleas…I suppose it is easier for Hartz to kill cats than fleas.
This website has been so helpful, supportive and inspirational. I thank you all and God Bless you all. Lets do all we can to stop any more pets, and owners from suffering. Thank you Jennifer

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