Will Hartz Poison Cats and Kittens?

This in from Tom today:

Sender’s Name: Tom Sherck
Message: Looks Like Peta is after hartz too. See below:

Will Hartz Poison Cats and Kittens?


Last year, the Hartz Mountain Corporation?the huge pet-product conglomerate?reached
an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding
pesticides used in its flea and tick products for cats and kittens: Hartz would
institute a ?label improvement and consumer education program? because of thousands
of reports of harmful effects from two of its products.

Of great concern to PETA was that the EPA news release on this agreement also stated
that it was requiring Hartz ?to submit an additional animal safety study conducted
by an independent laboratory.? We knew that Hartz might deliberately poison yet more
animals in laboratories to further test these pesticides in order to keep its
products on the market. So PETA wrote to Hartz President and CEO Bob Devine on
December 10, 2002, requesting additional information on the EPA-required toxicity
testing and even offered to help devise a non-animal test strategy. Click here to
see PETA?s letter.

Despite numerous follow-up phone calls, PETA has yet to receive any acknowledgment
or response to our letter and concerns. Please contact the president of Hartz
Mountain Corporation and let him know that you refuse to buy his company?s products
until this issue is resolved and Hartz commits to non-animal methods to measure the
toxicity of the flea and tick products involved in this controversy. There is no
excuse for further animal tests. If Hartz tells you that the EPA is requiring
additional animal tests, tell Hartz to ?just say no.? Please write to:

Mr. Bob Devine, President and CEO
Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Dr.
Secaucus, NJ 07094
Tel.: 1-800-275-1414
Fax: 201-271-0164

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  1. These Companies should be shut down they poisoning 1000 of innocent animals.I’ can not believe the money hunger and greed is so huge they don’t stop for nothing they worse than the Nazis

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