I spoke with a Hartz Consumer relations person today :(

Good afternoon,

I am very thankful to have found your site. For one, I simply disagree with the over the counter sales of pesticides, especially ones directed at pets. I do not purchase the product, but as a cat and dog parent and advocate, I want to see the right and safe methode of care taken place and believe it is the companies responsiblilty to properly educate consumers and Remove unsafe products.

Anyway, I noticed that my local Walmart still had the product in question on the shelf so I questioned why. I was given a number to Harts Mountain and spoke breifly with a relations agent.

She told me that Hartz is in the process of disseminating the incorrect information which has been published. “Incorrect”? I advised her the information I had came from the EPA and she was unconcerned and again stated they are in the process of disseminating that information. I questioned the “recovery process” which she told me was only to be shipment of relabled product after the current inventory was sold. She made it clear that Hartz’ stance on this is very different than the EPA’s. This seems to me a complete disconcern for the law or for the pets that may be exposed to this.

Seems odd to me, a person can not go into a pet store and purchase a low protein food without a prescription, but you can walk out of that same store with a load of pesticides to douse your pet without question.

The EPA assured me they have the authority to enforce their rulings, I just hope they do.

Thank you for the opportunity to rant. And if you get a chance could you perhaps let me know of others experiences with talking to Hartz directly?

Thank you again,
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  1. Today’s date is SEPTEMBER 18, 2018
    Your note here is dated 2002.
    Let me just say…I also had issues and experience the same issues as others about HARTZ and the flea products….THIS WAS IN 1993…
    So, it’s still out there poisoning our pets…25 YEARS LATER

    it’s still being sold at WalMart and MANY OTHER STORES. I even addressed the sales on eBay, from sellers who do not know this is bad to pass on. AND ONE OF EBAY’s RULE IS NOT TO SELL POISONS. Yet they still are allowing the flea product to be sold there as well. I’m just one person, but every chance I got back in 1993 to tell someone I have. I have also told people who are buying this at ANY store about this website AND PLEASE DONT BUY THIS UNTIL YOU RESEARCH THE PRODUCT FIRST. Of course the HARTZ company will have a different view as ours “the victim” they want our money. Let’s find a way to stop the poisoning of our pets ‼️

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