Picture of Riley for sale on eBay

On Friday, December 6, 2002, eBay removed my auction (item # 927873731). 
I tried.

I have put a picture of Riley up
for auction
on eBay. This auction was inspired by an individual who is
selling a picture of his cat looking at an eBay auction of Eminem’s house on a
computer monitor.

Last night, Elise and I took a picture of Riley looking at the auction of the
picture of the cat looking at the auction of Eminem’s house. Whew.

The auction for the picture of the cat looking at Eminem’s auction is at $2,147.00
with 29 bids. I want to beat that amount.

If I raise any money from this eBay sale, I will donate it to worthy victims
of Hartz Advanced Care Plus Flea and Tick drops.

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