2 Kitties, Same bad drops …

Yesterday afternoon we treated 2 of our cats with Hartz Advanced Care for Cats and Kittens under 10 lbs. Before treating, I read the back thoroughly as I was skeptical as to putting something on the cats that they could lick. I was relieved to find no text regarding illness to the cats except for the line: “Sensitivity, such as slight transitory redness of the skin…” . We left for the day and upon arriving back, I found Osiris, an 8 mo old Aby, having unbelievable tremors. I immediately grabbed the packaging to look over a second time only to find nothing of help. I attempted to call the number on the packaging but they were closed. I also looked online at hartz.com but was unable to find anything of use. I grabbed my vet’s number and gave them a call. They were also closed but referred me to a 24 hour vet clinic. I called them and they seemed to immediately know what it was without me going into detail. All I had to say was Fleas & Hartz and they knew. They told me to bring him in right away. So we rushed Osiris to the clinic and they took him right away. We waited for about 15 minutes while they gave him some medication to stop the trembling. After that time we were able to talk to the Doctor. She had stated that she knew what it was before she even saw the packaging. She says she has treated over 30 of these over the past year and she’s surprised that this stuff was still in the stores. Well after receiving the estimate for the bill of $980 and an unclear prognosis, we went home. Upon arriving home we realized we forgot to check Cleo, a 26 month old Siamese Mix. We checked her immediately and found that she was extremely scared and that her eyes were twitching. We immediately rushed her to the vet where they began work on her. Again, another estimate of $900+.

We were unable to sleep all night and have continually called for updates on the two cats. During one of these calls we were told that Osiris’s condition was so severe that the Doctor had to use 3 times the medication to stop the tremors & seizures.

This morning we were able to visit them both. Cleo was awake and alert, though still a bit out of it from the medication. Osiris was still out from the massive amount of medication and was still having minor tremors. The doctor believes that both should be fine, but Osirus will have to stay at least another 2 days before they’re totally sure he’s okay.

We were both devastated by this and were just so unsure of what to do next. We found your page last night in between checkup calls to the vet. Thank you for creating this site, as we have found so much useful information and many links to help us in our next step.

-Joey & Courtney

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