Run a business with genuine care and INTEGRITY

via CatLoversAgainstHartz

I had both my babies develop symptoms a few hours after I applied the
drops. I rushed them both to the emergency clinic and luckily, they
were intravenously given antibiotics to cleanse them of the poison. I
wish everyone had a happy ending to their story and am horrified and
appalled that this product is still on the market. I pursued Hartz to
give me an explanation and they very diplomatically washed their
hands. But even though my cats are now OK, I do not want any other
precious creature to have to suffer because of an unethical, greedy
company. I have e-mailed the lawyer who has the lawsuit and have
written another letter to Hartz. I wrote them that there are plenty
of ways to make money in which they don’t need integrity. They should
leave the care of our angels to people who care about them and can
run a business with genuine care and INTEGRITY. I will do ANYTHING
to see them investigated and apprehended. Please let me join in any
effort to do this.

– Analia8

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