Hartz Flea & Tick Products – Dangerous for Pets Petition

This just in from CDM. I just became the 186th signature. I encourage everyone to sign this petition.


I just wanted to let you know that Hartz are sueing me directly. Like you, I was outraged at Hartz about their indifference to the suffering of cats and decided to become an activist myself. I sent letters and copies of the TV news report on VHS tapes to several retail outlets (such as Publix, Petco & Target). Hartz are claiming that I have interferred with their business relationships and that I am spreading false and demafatory remarks about them and that this, in turn, has caused and is causing irreperable harm. Apparently, I am not the only individual that they have tried to sue. The reporter for WJCT told me today that they sent 4 of their top lawyers to the town where another individual tried to take Hartz to small claims court. The individual in that case ultimately lost the battle – not surprising given the strength of the legal team that Hartz unleashed.
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It is an online petition that was put up just recently. There are almost 200 signatories already.

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4 Replies to “Hartz Flea & Tick Products – Dangerous for Pets Petition”

  1. We applied Hartz flea and tick to our Shih Tzu and it BURNED HER SKIN all over. She is blood red and in misery. I feel lucky that I didn’t lose her as so many victims of Hartz have. Take this CRAP off the market.

  2. I had got hatrz flea and tick and also gold sergants shampoo i have two kittens about 6 months old and i had wahed both of them and after they both dried i had put the hartz flea and tick on them. They would not stop scratching at their skin meowing like crazy i had no idea what was wrong so i fugired it would pass. Then they feel asleep literally all nigh and all day when i got out of work teh following day i had called the vet and she told me they had to be seen because of the hartz products are ver very dangerous. I wish i knew about it before. Im so angery and upset that they would still allow this still to be sold in stores all over. please do not use hartz products or the sergant gold products!! Help your babies i know i tried helping mine the best i could.

  3. Washed our Westie in Hartz flea shampoo followed by the flea treatment. Thank goodness we didn’t leave the shampoo on for long per the directions – we rinsed it off immediately. Our poor Westie had 2 seizures but seems to be ok now. I’m so glad we only did one application and will NOT use it again. Thank you everyone for posting about this terrible product!

  4. I went to the vet today with my cat for a spay. One of the girls there told me to be very wary of Hartz products. I’ve been using them for years without any side-effects, but her concern hit me enough to research on my own. I found tons of reports, blogs, and this site about it. I’m going to stop using Hartz brand ASAP!

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