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Glad your kitty is ok. You need to know that Hartz will not give you any funds unless you return all the leftover product(the evidence) to them
and, sign a statement saying you will never complain about them again and, the case is closed. Unfortunately many people who have no resources to pay the
bill have done this.

The above in combination with the fact that both the poison number on the back of the product and the Animal Poison Control Center in Illinois
through the ASPCA is paid for by manufacturers including Hartz. All of the data they generate from the calls they receive goes only to the manufacturers. The
data, so the vets answering the phone have told me, is not available to anyone but those in the organization because it is not organized. It is up
to the manufacturers to report themselves to the EPA, etc.

So, you can see how the information is not widely known. Hopefully we will be able to change this. Judy said that there may be a problem with Hartz’s
political contributions to politicians influencing the EPA to not act on the matter. I hope not. You can check out the EPA website on tetrachlorvinphos
and see that the EPA has managed to get dips, sprays and powders with tetrachlorvinphos off the shelves despite Hartz’s reluctance. Unfortunately,
tetrachlovinphos is still in collars and we have received numerous emails of toxicities to those products also. Not to mention the EPA calls tetrachlorvinphos a suspect carcinogen.

One more thing, Hartz is only one of a handful of companies in the US that refuses to tell the EPA what their inert ingredients are. Many inert
ingredients can cause liver failure, seizures and death also. There are articles on the web about this.

So, glad you have joined the group. Sorry it is under such circumstances.


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