I had 8 fish in pond some was 6 years old always feed them Tetra but store was out of so I bought Wardley food pellets within 2 days of feeding them they started dying now I’ve lost all 8 of my fish & Wardley / Hartz said sorry for this problem… REALLY !!! DONT USE WARDLEY / HARTZ PRODUCTS PLZ !!! Before this happens to you !

Horrible medicine

I grabbed this flea/tick medicine, Hartz Ultraguard Pro, at the store and quickly checked Amazon’s ratings before doing so. 4ish stars plus it was $14 vs $38 for my normal brand so I figured I would try it.
As soon as I put it on Pilot’s back the smell was horrible and chemical. He immediately started acting extremely weird. He started panting heavily (totally weird for a cat) and running around crazy. He became super paranoid and would hide everywhere and run through the house low to the floor. It was almost as if he was hallucinating. He didn’t eat for about 16 hours which is weird for Pilot😜 too.

I immediately got online and searched for complaints for this product. Apparently this is straight up insecticide and there were so many stories of animals getting chemical burns, having the same reactions Pilot did, and many animals die from it. We washed him 3 times to get it off of him but his back still twitched for 24 hours after. He seems to be fine now and we don’t see any signs of burns or his hair falling out. I will never use this product again and will tell everyone I know not to as well.


My daughters Dachipap was killed by one of our neighbors trying to be nice and bathing him in some kind of Hartz flea shampoo. They noticed him scratching and saw fleas and knew he was due for his bath/grooming, and trying to be nice they wanted to surprise their over-worked, barely scraping by single mother neighbor. They know my family, they knew my dog. They knew any and every condition he had and what he was and wasn’t allergic to. 36 hours after bathing him, Freckles was dead. He showed no obvious allergic reaction. It wasn’t until later that we all realized he’d been having seizures for over 24 hours. Not the obvious flopping around, the kind where you space out. He literally was wagging his tail one second as I leaned down to pet him and fell over, had an hour long seizure in my lap where he was aware the entire time. I live nowhere near emergency vets and there are no on call come to your house at midnight vets within 2 hours. I do not blame my neighbors at all, I blame the supposed safe flea treatment.

Pesticidal Idiots Need to Go!

I have been the victim of other people’s use of pest control for several years. I have even tried to make them stop by using limited amounts of pest control myself. In an effort to reduce chemical slaughter of humans and pets, I have given my dogs flea and tick prevention in pill form. After over a year of living with my grandmother, I can still smell the flea and tick shampoo all over the house. No matter how many washings I try or what products, the ingredients have permeated the house so severely that I can taste the stuff. I already blame pest control for the death of two small cats. Everytime the temperature changes or the humidity climbs, the stuff is sickening. The excessive use is so sickening that I am positive I have even ingested the stuff and suffer from neurological issues because of it. Unfortunately, despite my efgorts to satisfy everyone, I can only blamd my idiot family and every other tresspasser who sees fit to use idiotic products. Although infestations can be horrible, they can easily be remediated without the use of chemical warfare.

Hartz Ultra Guard is Deadly

I just recently realized what made my 6 lb min pin so ill last year and it was Hartz Ultra Guard 5 to 14 lbs. I still have the 2 other doses but luckily did not use them. She was constantly shaking, staring up in the air for no reason, vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, fevers, crying in pain when touched and so much more. We brought her to the vet numerous times and they could not figure it out. At one point they suggested a pet scan because her spine seemed to be the problem. She was on antibiotics twice and the last time was for about 30 days. Finally, after months, she started to get better. It was absolutely horrible and very expensive. I always use advantix for my dogs but this one time I decided to try this terrible product. What a mistake. I was lucky that my Zoey did not die. Please share.

Thought I would lose her.

I used Hartz Ulter Guard Plus Spray. No reaction at first then with in about an hour she started to hide and foam at the mouth.Could not stop licking and drooling excessively from her mouth. She climbed behind the TV and began to shake.It was the middle of the night so no vet to go to. I washed her as well as I could. For the next 2 days she drooled and had all most no appetite. She was a strong 11 month old cat weighing 8 pounds. She is now 6 pounds and is still not the same over a week later.