Hartz collar on my cat

It’s been about a week now since I first notice these almost looking like a raw burn around the neck .
Just came out of my vet’s office. He thinks we are in time and we will be able to save her God Bless…….after a shot, a week long treatment of cortizone and 2 week treatment of anti biotics we will know for sure.
I am appauled at all the post and pictures I have read and seen and yet HARTZ is still selling.

CAUTION: Read Entire Label; Then STOP

I love my buddy, Morty, and I can’t stand to see him being tortured by these little bugs. It’s only been a week but that’s 7 days too long as far as I’m concerned.

I’m so glad I stopped and read the entire label before using it on him. As I read on; the labeling warnings, hazards, and side effects scared me out of using it. I thought: if I can’t use this on myself then I won’t use it on him either. I already don’t give him tap water to drink because I won’t drink it, it’s toilet water. I’ll find another way. Going to get some unscented liquid soap and bathe him.

Don’t poison your buddy, people.

My Cats

Back when my grandchildren stayed with me some 15 to 17 years ago I had two indoor female cats. Well using the drops on the neck the larger of the two just lay at the end of my bed for quite sometime, unable to eat and real lethargic. The smaller one was skiddish and scared of most people anyway (besides me), but she was a rescue from the street. I kind of overlooked her hiding so much as she did it often. Now all these years later I have a beautiful white male with blue eyes (which change 3 other colors depending on his mood), he is also deaf. The drops and the Ultra Guard collar (twice) make his pupils dilate and he acts scared to death of me. He is the biggest baby I have ever had, wanting his front paws rubbed continually and on top of me always. The deaf cats will do this for security but he was held and babied from the beginning. I am scared to ever try them again and will start using the mint oil after he is bathed. I just thought I should look it up since this is the 2nd time the collar has done this to his neurological system. Never again as my cats are my family!!

Almost Hurt My Cat

I recently just lost a cat because of FIP and I only have one left, her sister. On Sunday, I gave her Hartz flea treatment because in a past couple days she’s been scratching her ears and neck a lot, I am a student so I really hope the cheap treatment would work. After 2 hours, she starts running around, tried to lick the part of her neck where I put the drop and then scratched a lot she pulls a lot of furs, not only that, she starts to flick her feet uncontrollably. So I read a couple of info from the internet and shocked and regret that I was not read it before I buy it, as a research student, I should’ve known this. Six hours after the treatment I force her to the sink and bathed her, and give some Dawn in the area of treatment, I got off most of the grease but the leg flicking and the stress stays until a day after. I brought her to vet on Monday evening, insisted a full blood work. I am still very traumatic from losing a cat. The vet gave her subQ fluid but did not give any medication as she does not have tremor, seizure or even vomiting. I wait anxiously until the toxin dissipate and the leg flicking to be gone. The leg flicking and some muscle spasm stays until day 3 after treatment.

I called the store that sold it and tell the store manager about my story, they took them off the shelves that exact day.

I am maybe far from losing a cat but reading through the stories in this web page I can feel the anger and the sadness for those who lost their pets because of this brand. This should never be used in any pets and I will send the message throughout.

My cat right now is okay, the blood work does not indicate any damage from the toxin, bathed her and get the grease off of her was the right thing to do although she went on hiding afterwards because she hates water. After 3 days, the spasm and flicking is no longer exist, but the lethargy because of the stress is still there. I hope she will be fine and I will never ever use any of the product from Hartz brand anymore.

Remedy for our ignorance

I too feel like an awful cat master. I’m all about natural healthy living, then I go and do something stupid like place Seargents hartz on my poor Whisper. Same conclusion, poison reaction. My vet only could recommend bathing her to remove toxin. But my iridiologist told me to give her some food grade diatomaceous earth, and sprinkle the powder on her fur to help fight toxins, and bath her with Dr Bonner’s Castile soap to get her PH balanced. And to feed her cold raw salmon, dark chicken, or sardines, all raw, with bones ( will not hurt her ) to get her some fish oil supplement as well. Then she should be back on track. Hope this helps in future cases of master failings.
Remember, we & all creatures all belong to a forgiving & healing God .
Admit our mistakes and He will bring healing 😀

Flea collar victim

My 4 month old puppy got a chemical burn from hartz flea collar. Luckily we found out about it and took her to the vet right away. The vet told us the burn had just started so it wasnt that bad. He even told us that one of the ingredients will cause seizures in dogs and that the packaging says avoid contact with skin but you’re supposed to put it on the dog’s neck?? Doesnt make any sense and I genuinely dont understand how hartz is still allowed to be selling all these product!s! I am really angry and upset. Not only was it painful for my pup, we had to spend $280 at the vet for it. Never use hartz flea collar on your pet, ever!!