Flea drops

This Hartz junk has been going on for over 30 years. I had gotten some to put on my 3 dogs at the time and not 5 minutes later they all started throwing up. Had to get the people next door help me wash them all down to get it off of them but they still were sick. Hartz was no help at all…I sent them an email about what happened and they said take my dogs to the pound…when I am able to get to a store and see this junk…I want to throw everything off the counters. This stuff is a killer. Anything with Hartz name on it needs to go in the trash. Please don’t buy there chew bones or toys…

Poodle Mix patchy hair loss

I used Hartz Flea Shampoo on my poodle mix now has hair loss and red sores. This product is poison!!!! I’m overwhelmed with guilt that I used this product on my dog.

Delusional puppy

My 4.5 month old puppy had flea problems. I followed the flea and tick treatment as directed for his age and weight. Almost immediately he started to whine. I watched him for 10 minutes and checked his skin, no redness, but he was clearly unhappy. I decided to wash him. As I was getting things ready, not even 2 minutes later, he started losing his balance while walking, played on his side and his eyes rolled back. I freaked out and immediately got him cleaned and awake. Gave him water and food. Right now we are 2 hours later and he is still dizzy but is up and moving around again. I just realized the shampoo is a Hartz product as well so we will be giving him another bath shortly with Dawn Dish soap as recommended by the vet. I’m scared for my puppy… the 24 hour hotline provided on the packaging says no one is in office…

Fluffanutters the Cat

I used the flea medicine by the brand Hartz on my 7 year old cat, a week later she started to hide around my house and I could smell her Oder. She finally came out of her hiding spot and she looked so ill and skinny and she started meowing non stop, I knew she was passing and she wanted to let me know as well. I spent her last few moments holding her and telling her that I’m sorry.

Stop Hartz from Killing Pets

On January 31st our puppy Jack died about an hour after a bath with Hartz flea shampoo. He was a playful, loving, healthy 9 month old puppy. Jack brought us so much joy and love but due to Hartz poisonous products he wont be here for his 1st birthday. The chemicals in Hartz product caused him to lose his life before we could even get him to the vet. We have created Justice for Jack to spread awareness and help other victims. You can visit our instagram (Justice4Jack) or sign the petition to remove Hartz products from stores.

Scooter the Pug

The beginning of December 2020 I applied the Hartz flea medicine on my senior dog Scooter, a few days later I noticed he wasn’t himself. When I found this post it was too late and he had already passed and the whole time I thought it was just the old age. I’ve noticed the symptoms to be similar like everyone who has posted here.

Bald spots

We have used this on our Pug and he has a bald spot on his side since we have been used it. It just irratted his skin so bad that he scratched the fir off his side.

My Pug

My dog was full of energy and happy as always. I gave him a shower using Hartz flea and tick shampoo on Saturday night. Sunday morning when we woke up he was not himself he wanted to just sleep, and it was like he was hurt his movements were weird like his legs weren’t working properly. This lasted for two days so far. He does seem to be improving but time will tell. Throw this product away. Shame on this company for selling something that is doing this to our fur babies

Chihuahua sick

I washed my 10 year old chihuahua with harts flea and tick shampoo right before we took her to the vet for her routine vaccinations. The very next day she had diarrhea and was very lethargic. I thought symptoms were related to her rabies shot. After a week she had gotten worse and had hives all over so we took her in for a re check. She was given a few medications for the allergic reaction and has since gotten better skin wise. However it is now 2 weeks later and she is still very lethargic, has hardly no appetite and looks like she is wasting away. We are really considering putting her down at this point. I looked up the shampoo and heard all the traumatic stories and now know we have all fallen victim as well.

Caused neurological paralysis

I had a healthy 3 year old female cat. I bathed her with Hartz Gold and she became paralyzed in the back legs in July of 2016. She was healthy and active until that time. She lived over 3 1/2 years dragging her back legs until five days ago her skin and bones body gave out on December 21, 2020 This product should be taken off the market and a huge lawsuit should be filed against the company. I’d gladly sign the petition How many pets have died or suffered like my Ki-kat did? I’m sure too many to count. I’ve submitted photos of how she was before She got paralyzed She had no muscle and was just bones when she passed. I want to remember her the way She used to be. She lived two years after the paralysis still eating and Purring and wanting to live until lately. My heart is broken. RIP My sweet girl