Hartz collar burned my calico cat

I put one of these collars on my three cats a few weeks ago because of a bad flea infestation on them. My boyfriend came running today to me with my Ellie in his arms saying take the collar off now and when we cut it off her whole neck around about a half an inch wide was badly burned. I can’t stop crying I hurried to check my other cats and they are perfectly fine. I feel like a horrible cat mom for letting this happen but I had no idea that this was even possible, plus she’s so laid back and so furry it wasn’t noticed for weeks. Please if you use this ever make sure to inspect your cats hourly the first days because this is devastating to me and if my boyfriend didn’t catch it she could’ve been seriously injured even more.

Could’ve lost them..

Been struggling with money to get rid of the fleas that all 3 of my cats have. Seen hartz in Walmart for $5. So thankful for this site. Luckily I looked up reviews before putting it onto my cats and was taken here. I could’ve lost all 3 of my babies that are my everything. Something needs to be done this is ridiculous. Reading all this stories makes me chest hurt. This cant continue. Pets are children to people! Its heartbreaking when youre just trying to help your animal and then this!

Chemical burn

This is the 1st time I’ve ever dealt with fleas. I have 6 cats two outdoor an 4 indoor. I put a collar on each one. Its hartz seven month protection….anyway indoor cat neck starts weeping like pus or something after 3 days of wearing said collar. The collar was loose and it still looked like his skin was stuck to the collar. He has severe chemical burn why are these people still allowed to sell this product????

Ari and Mercedes KILLED BY HARTZ

You may ask, what happens when you use Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea spray for cats! I’ll tell you.. Because of this flea spray 2 of my cats are now dead. 😭 I used a very small amount of this flea spray on them 3 days ago and the first one, Ari died within 24 hours and the second one, Mercedes died sometime lastnight while my family was sleeping. 😭 Hartz pet products company needs to be stopped. I don’t want any more animals to die because of Hartz poison products. Throw them away, share my post, DONT EVER USE HARTZ PRODUCTS!!! 😠

UPDATE:9/13/18: Just got off the phone with someone from Hartz, it was the most aggravating phone call IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…. All they did was ask me a bunch of questions and apologize for my loss and then ask me if there’s anything else they can help me with…. I was like “Ummm I’m not really sure what you think you’ve helped with me at all, there’s nothing you can help me with and I’ll continue to tell everybody about your products killing animals and continue sharing my post on facebook that’s been shared over 16,000 times and I will be meeting with a reporter to do an on camera interview on the news about your products killing animals.” Guess what her response was??? She says “I can’t continue to speak with you if your gonna talk about social media.” Well too bad lady cuz I’m not going to stop spreading the word about your poison and I don’t want to continue to speak with you so BYEEE!! Fucking Hartz people only care about their paychecks.. they don’t give a flying fuck about the animals whose lives were ended way too soon by the use of their products! 😠 😭


Okay what do i do know sit and wait for my cats to be deathly sick and i can not afford a vet,….Rescued these three …How are you still allowed to sell this product how … DAMMMMMMMMMMMMM I dispise you all right now…So many compaints so many deaths and you just ignore ….My neighbor has a rescue kitten sick and her older cat sick …Hope u are really proud of yourselves you do not care one dammmmmmm bit…GREEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD

Dog almost died

One week before a scheduled vacation (Sunday) I used Hartz Flea and Tick Treatment drops on my dog. Within 24 hours my dog stopped eating (Monday). The next day (Tuesday) he was so sick I thought he was not going to make it through the night. I did not know what was wrong. I made an appointment for the vet but couldn’t get in til Saturday. The next day (Wednesday) he still was not eating. I gave him a bath. The next morning (Thursday) he ate a little bit. The following day (Friday) he ate a full meal. I thought he was getting better. Saturday he seemed back to normal so I cancelled the vet appointment as we would have missed a friend’s wedding. That night he lost control of his back legs. It lasted about 10 minutes. The next morning it happened again. He lost control of his whole back end for 30 minutes. I called a vet who said dogs sometimes have this sign when they are dying. We were leaving on vacation that day so I made the painful decision to put him down. I called my kids. My son asked if I had done anything different the previous week before it started. I told him about the new brand of flea and tick treatment I had used. He looked it up and saw that all those symptoms were described by others who had used it. I immediately gave him another bath with Dawn Soap and cancelled the euthanasia. The next week he continued to improve except he was itchy. Then he started to lose the hair all down his back where the product was applied. The vet did a bunch of testing. I returned to the vet a week later where whey did bloodwork. His liver enzymes had quadrupled. Liver damage was another symptom described by others. The vet put hi. On medication to try to heal his skin lesions. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster and a bunch of vet bills. Do not use this product. I almost lost my baby and he went through hell.


I applied the Hartz Ultraguard plus to both my cats and with in 20 mins I noticed them acting weird. My usual lovey cats were hissing and growling at me. I immediately grabbed them bathed them and am watching them to make sure they will be okay.


I just lost 2 of my cats due to hartz flea powder. Loss of appetite crying. I thought I would bath them and that is when they died. Do not give them a bath. Both were healthy before the powder. I regret not investigating omg I regret it comes down to really wanting your animal not to suffer from fleas but the so called help kills them HARTZ SUCKS

Serious side effects

Hi all. I’ve worked in an animal shelter the past 6 months. I have seen many animals surrendered because their owners cannot afford emergency vet care. In my short time here, I have seen 3 cats have almost deadly reactions to Hartz products. Two of these cats had non-stop seizures and the third became lethargic and drooled excessively. We were able to bathe all three cats in Dawn dish soap and save their lives. These cats were lucky. There are plenty other testimonials where the pet does not lucky. I cannot believe Hartz is still on the market.