My first pet

My first dog, a rescued Lhasa Apso, has really bad fears when we found her in the woods. We took her to the vet, took care of that and $2000 worth of other issues (parasites, digestion, etc). As soon as we though she was getting better, she suddenly passed away. I thought nothing of it, she was a rescue, but we have had her over a year at that point. The only constant is I bathed her in Harts flea wash from Fred’s Superstore once a month to keep her from getting fleas. She was bathed then that night she died from a “seizure”.

Hartz Oinkies Tender Treats (Wrapped in real chicken)

My neighbour purchased these treats from Walmart . She gave my little yorkie , Charlie, one and he threw up. In his vomit it looked like some sort of wood splinters/ saw dust fragments Weird. After reading comments here I am sold on the fact that these treats need to be off the shelf before another pet gets sick or dies from it. Poison!


I used this in my pug Phillipe and he was throwing up and lost 6-7 pounds, I had to have him uthenized in November 20th because of him being so sick and I didn’t want him to suffer any more and it’s killing me after taking him to vet after vet! He was my baby for 9 1/2 years and can’t get over losing him. This makes me sick that all of us are losing our babies because of a non caring, greedy company!
All hell is about to break loose!!!!!!

My daughter’s cat, Athena

September 2, 2012 at 12:34 am my daughter lost her cat after a flea bath. She was fine when we put her in. After about 2 minutes, she became unable to stand. She had a seizure and 10 minutes later she was gone. It broke my heart to tell my child her companion was gone. I have been proactive for YEARS trying to get this awful product off the shelf. I have contacted the EPA as well as the manufacturer. They know this product is fatal. So many of us have lost our fur babies. So many more have injuries to to neglect of the manufacturer. Now is the time to end this. No more innocent animals should have to die.

Our cat had a seizure and died after hartz flea drops

Hartz products are horrible need to be removed from shelves nation wide. Our cat ended up passing away after a seizure from the hartz flea drops. I freak out if I even see someone going to purchase hartz! If I see it I calmly explain why they shouldn’t!! We are in washington and I notice a lot of places refuse to carry the product anymore

Golden Retriever Puppy

I used this shampoo on my Golden when she was a puppy. About a year ago, when she was five months old, she had uncontrollable seizures and almost died from them. She stayed at the vet long enough to get a negative test back for distemper and luckily I was able to bring her back home. A year later she had not had any more epileptic events even off the medications. The vet says in his professional opinion he thinks that it was a toxin that caused the event due to the type of seizures they were and the fact that we have had no problems since. We have genetically tested her and her along with parents and grandparents have all come up negative for epilepsy as she comes from a long line of reputable breeders. Did not occur to me that this shampoo could have caused it until now. She used to bathe with this shampoo all the time because she was always getting in to the mud or making a mess in the kennel cause she was still potty training. I looked around the house feverishly for months after the event baffled at what could have possibly caused her to have such horrible seizures, it’s nice to finally have answers to what the toxin was.