Remedy for our ignorance

I too feel like an awful cat master. I’m all about natural healthy living, then I go and do something stupid like place Seargents hartz on my poor Whisper. Same conclusion, poison reaction. My vet only could recommend bathing her to remove toxin. But my iridiologist told me to give her some food grade diatomaceous earth, and sprinkle the powder on her fur to help fight toxins, and bath her with Dr Bonner’s Castile soap to get her PH balanced. And to feed her cold raw salmon, dark chicken, or sardines, all raw, with bones ( will not hurt her ) to get her some fish oil supplement as well. Then she should be back on track. Hope this helps in future cases of master failings.
Remember, we & all creatures all belong to a forgiving & healing God .
Admit our mistakes and He will bring healing 😀

Flea collar victim

My 4 month old puppy got a chemical burn from hartz flea collar. Luckily we found out about it and took her to the vet right away. The vet told us the burn had just started so it wasnt that bad. He even told us that one of the ingredients will cause seizures in dogs and that the packaging says avoid contact with skin but you’re supposed to put it on the dog’s neck?? Doesnt make any sense and I genuinely dont understand how hartz is still allowed to be selling all these product!s! I am really angry and upset. Not only was it painful for my pup, we had to spend $280 at the vet for it. Never use hartz flea collar on your pet, ever!!

Hartz- Poor Buddy

Today I bought this medicine to help are cat buddy with Flea’s and Tick’s. About 15 minutes later he started to act abnormal he was running and hissing at us and he was sneezing and shaking violently. We immediately wrapped up in a towel and gave him a bath to get it off of him he immediately calmed down and was back to normal. And at this time he is back to how he was before giving this medicine to him. Please whatever you do. Do not give this or put it on your animals do not please don’t. You will regret it. This product should not be sold in stores this company needs to be shut down. They don’t deserve to run a company

Hartz = serial killer

Last summer we lost several cats and thought it might be predators as we live in a rural area. This summer again we have lost another half dozen cats… but they died in the house or on the deck. Just keeled over and dead within minutes. Guess what? They don’t die in the winter because we are not using flea stuff at that time. Hartz is probably killing many more than is reported… because the cats go outside and never come back. We are heartbroken, they are our babies, our kids. We treasure them and Hartz obviously could care less. They relabel and away we go. I also think Walmart and the other retailers bear some responsibility. We were using Ultra Guard One Spot (methoprene). Also, the US needs to stop buying Chinese formulations of pet products. Whether tainted wheat gluten or flea stuff, the Chinese don’t care about human or pet lives. Life is cheap for them. We will go with natural treatments from now on.

Clueless about Hartz; Flea, tick and Cat killer?

Hi, I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick drops for two stray kittens I had found on the street. They’re around 12 weeks old. I had used Hartz products before no problem. I feel like an idiot for not doing my research as I had just purchased the Flea and Tick drops as the two brothers are infested with fleas and decided to try that.

After applying the drops i noticed the upbeat, always down for affection brother to be lethargic. To make matters worse after I finished applying the solution on both of them they escaped my view for some time and come to when I find them, it appears they’ve licked some of the solution off their backs, although not much as it looked dried.

Started doing my research and was horrified at all the people who lost their pets to these disgusting products. I am so concerned for my two babies. When I found the news, I washed both their mouths and gave them a Dawn dish soap bath. There’s some change in behavior, but the upbeat one seems unusually lethargic. The other brother is as he was before, which is a good sign.

I am worried that I’ll wake up with two dead cats! Is there anything else I can do besides wait? I can’t afford to stay up all night, but I don’t want to neglect them in case they have a reaction. I know some have escaped only with minor reactions but God forbid I wake up and they’re in worse condition.

I’m sorry to all those who lost their best friends to these disgusting products and I will be throwing away every Hartz product I own in the trash where it belongs.