I used it on my 14 week old puppy Diesel on 5/18 and he lost all his weight and was drooling and lethargic and passed at midnight 5/19


In 2007, my 1.5 yr old cat caught fleas from a visiting dog. My mom used Hartz flea and tick shampoo for cats on him. Within an hour he began to seizure. My brother and cousin took him to emergency vet, they couldn’t save him. My brother was 14 and had to watch his cat be put down and bring his body home.

Made my dog deathly ill

My dog has been SO sick.. and didn’t even begin to think it was the shampoo! This has made him beyond sick and lethargic, i really hope he doesn’t die. I will be suing. He has not been the same
Since usuing this product. I have changed him shampoo but I’m still hoping he is okay.. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the vet trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. Caused him horrible anal issues, rashes etc. it has physically burnt his skin.

My baby is gone

This is the shampoo I’ve only used on him i got him and two weeks later he died. He was only 8 weeks old. He would be lethargic and have seizures, i didn’t know why this was happening .

Hartz killed my Maltipoo

On May 15 2020 I gave my 10 year old Maltipoo a bath in the Hartz flea and tick shampoo about 10:pm. The next morning I put him outside as normal in a large enclosed fenced area. An hour later I went out to check on him. He was laying on his side having seizures. I called a vet and took him in. Vet asked if he had ever had a seizure before I said no he hadn’t. He said his seizure was so bad and not stopping that he would never come out of it. Said it was so severe it had caused a stroke or neurological problem. I had to have him put to sleep. I want answers!

My cat died

In the summer of 2019 we were unable to buy our normal flea and tick topical treatment so we went with hartz. Within a week, all four of my cats were foaming at the mouth, had raspy breathing, and lethargic. As each got sick we took them to the vet. It was a some sort of severe respiratory infection and they were quickly dying. Luckily three of them took the concoction of meds and are well. But my oldest cat didn’t make it. We were devastated. The only new thing my cats were exposed to new was hartz flea topical treatment! My vet warned me to never buy it again!


Our family is beyond hurt and disbelief that this product Hartz flea & tick shampoo is still being sold..We lost our beloved Maltese/Shih Tzu Chloe 7.5 yrs old within days of using this terrible product..She suffered numerous seizures, drooling/foaming, very disoriented , stumbling..We rushed her to the Vet who stated she must have came into contact with something toxic, she was an indoor dog only and we have always made sure nothing toxic was within reach or around our pets, she was kept overnight for observation and treatment but when we brought her home the seizures started up again and she passed in my Sons arms…The only thing she was exposed to topically was the Hartz Flea & Tick shampoo and The Hartz Whitening shampoo, we did not realize that upon using this product that we were harming our Precious Chloe…This product Hartz needs to be taken off the Market so other families do not have to watch their beloved pet suffer and die like we did.

After the 2nd dose of hartz topical flea my 9 year old dog is fighting for his life

I have a poodle that was healthy and well taken care of. After the 2nd dose of hartz topical flea my 9 year old dog is fighting for his life. It is experiencing muscle spasms and is barely able to walk. Neither the vet or I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. It never had any of this behavior and it just started to get really bad very fast. I bet this topical flea poison did damage to its nerve system. I hope its not permanent and it can survive. It can’t be so many pets are allergic to its components as i’ve read. Take this OUT of the MARKET!

Siberian Husky and Rottweiler with raw skin

So for many years we’ve used this dog shampoo for many years now. My dogs have raw skin and patches of fur missing due to them biting and itchy. We figured they needed another bath because maybe they were still dirty and itchy but now my dog has no hair on her behind and she’s a gorgeous husky and her brother is raw just as well on his behind and hind legs. This is something that needs to have action taken on it. Nobody should lose their best friend due to negligence of a company.