Cat burned!!!!

My cat was burned by this product!!! It was so sad to see her running around the house crying rubbing her head on everything after I gave her the treatment. After multiple baths nothing worked. I had to take her to the vet after she made herself bleed! Then I read all the reviews!!! Cats are dying from this product! Why is it still on the market? Iā€™m so upset! I want justice!

Hartz Ultraguard Pro

I applied Hartz Ultraguard Pro to my cats yesterday. One had a terrible reaction. Apart from it turning into a big oily mess on the back of her neck, she got extremely vocal. I was tending to another cat and turned around and she was staring at me drooling. I scooped her up and her skin where the product was at was hot to the touch. I immediately washed her with Dawn dish detergent. Once dry, she seemed to be fine. No telling what would’ve happened if I had left it on there. I called the Hartz number from the package and reported it. Although they were friendly and acted concerned and apologized, no one offered to give me my money back. Wal-Mart isn’t going to take back a half used package, even with a receipt. After finding this site, I guess I just need to be grateful it didn’t kill her. I am. Lesson learned.

Hartz Ultraguard Flea Medication

I bought Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick drops from Wal-mart. Both cats have not been treated for fleas in over 2 years and I noticed a couple small scabs on them which indicates fleas. The 7 year old female is fine, skin clear, no problems. My 16 year old female has resorted to scratching wildly at the door to get out, has been non-stop meowing no matter what we do. I have seen her drink and she is using the litter box as normal, but she will not eat her can food (which she loves). It has been 2 1/2 weeks since the application, so I know it is in her system now. I was told since she is not having seizure activity and she is still eating/drinking to basically let it run out of her body (about a week it should be out). I will NEVER but Hartz again.

Hartz killed my Jack Russel

Upon applying the flea medicine from hartz I applied it exactly as directions said. About 30 mins later she started having seizures and shaking and I called my vet they immediately told me to wash her in Dawn dish washing liquid and she would either make it or die. They told me they have seen this happen numerous times with this product. And to never use it again. After hrs of washing her and holding her she died that night. I will never forget what this did to her it took her life and broke my heart. This company should be shut down and never be allowed to make any products. They are responsible for the deaths of many pets. They have killed many pets and they know their products aren’t safe. I called them and told them and all they said is they would pay for what she was worth. I was so pissed I hung up because she was priceless to me. This company is a disgrace.

Hartz Ultraguard

My wife bought Hartz Ultraguard at Walmart and applied it to our one year old cat. Five minutes after application, our cat began running around the house panicking and meowing very loudly. She began hiding and after I found her, she was panting as if she could not catch her breath. Additionally, one of her eyes appeared to be swollen. We called an emergency vet’s office and told them what we had used, and she told us to immediately wash it off her fur with Dawn dish detergent. She said this stuff is poisonous to cats and she’s seen multiple cats die as a result of having this applied. Just a warning to all: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. It can kill your cat! If you’re reading this because you made the mistake of buying and applying it, wash it off your cat with dish detergent as soon as you can!


Please please do not feed anything from Hartz to your pets. Two of our three dogs ate these oinker pig wrap chews. Both are suffering from severe diarrhea going on three days. We are going to the vet tomorrow to determine how much poison is in their system. We just had to put down our 17 year old lab. If I lose my terrier mix or my boxer mix due to this crap made in China, Walmart and Hartz will be sued.